It is with great pleasure your Bargaining Team brings you a Tentative Agreement with the County of Santa Clara. After 9 long months of negotiations, your incredible activism at the 70 West Hedding rally, and our political might, we have a contract we are proud to present for a ratification vote.


This is your notice of a contract ratification vote. Our Bylaws require 5 days' notice and this satisfies that notice. Electronic ballots will be emailed to you as a dues-paying CEMA member on May 22 at or about 1 PM. You will have until May 29 at 1 PM to cast your ballot. Your vote is anonymized, but will be identified with a unique, digital token to ensure a single vote per member.


The Bargaining Team, staff, and Union unanimously recommends a YES vote on this creative, rich, and durable contract. You have and will be noticed separately about contract roadshow events on May 21, May 22, and May 23, and the Summary of Changes will be available online prior to and during the vote.


All electronic ballots will be sent to your on-record email which is where you are receiving this notice.


Thank you all in advance for your participation in this vote!


CEMA Santa Clara County Negotiations Team, Executive Board, and Staff