March 29, 2024


Your Business Agents and HHS CEMA members have been meeting with the County this week. Following discussions today, the County has agreed to recognize the efforts of CEMA-represented employees who contribute above and beyond during this critical time and will be tracking those contributions as best as possible. 


CEMA recommends that you informally track excess hours or assignments outside of those you normally perform. The County will heavily consider and support the use of reasonable Administrative Time Off once this crisis has passed. Even in areas with Directors or Managers that do not traditionally approve ATO, please contact CEMA and we will speak with those directors or managers alongside Labor Relations to explain and secure ATO grants where appropriate.


CEMA further notes that shifts different from normal are voluntary, however, maximum flexibility is appreciated by the public and County.


In other news the County has noticed us of safe Employee Access Points to our workspaces provided by the County and agreed to by RNPA:


Staff not participating in the work action and supplemental staff are encouraged to access the hospital through one of two access points. Security will be provided at the rear entry to VSC (Building Q) and at the lobby of RSC (Building N).


Staff are encouraged to carpool or rideshare to work, if possible. Staff can park in PS1 or PS2. There will be regular security patrol of both parking areas and posted security. Turner and Ginger Ln entrance and exits should be available for employees to use.


Access to the parking area is from Ramos Way to O’Connor Dr.


St. Louise
Access to parking will go through No Name Uno then onto Cohansey Ave then into the parking areas.  


Thank you all for stepping up in this challenging time. Your service to the community is seen and appreciated by all.