• Zeb Feldman
    Senior Business Agent

  • Email [email protected] or call/text 408.621.5618

    Zeb is an innovative problem solver, negotiator, and team builder.  He has been recognized by employers and unions for creating tight-knit, powerful teams, and crafting elegant solutions to complex issues.  Zeb comes to CEMA having been a labor organizer in Santa Clara County with SEIU 521, with management experience at Stanford University negotiating departmental agreements.  During his tenure, Zeb saved more than 40 jobs from layoffs and was honored as the Organizer of the Year.  Additionally, Zeb has a deep commitment to improving systems – making them as user-friendly, transparent, and accessible as possible.

    His non-labor background includes transforming a division at Stanford University from a pen and paper operation to a modern, computerized unit.  As a former manager at Stanford, Zeb brings a supervisory, client-oriented, and financial perspective to union advocacy that incorporates management concerns, which many of our CEMA members are.

    Other areas of professional competence include:

    • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Successfully bargained a $10M annual labor contract while resolving employer and union concerns.
    • Management Skills: Led over 20 teams of professionals exceeding long-term budgetary and performance goals.
    • Training and Team Cohesion: Created standard business practices, quantifiably increasing sales and customer satisfaction with decreased training time.
    • Financial Expertise: Accurately forecasted inventory and labor needs; generated and reconciled payroll and purchase orders.

    Zeb is an alumnus of Santa Clara University and Stanford University and passionately participates in social justice events, and lives in East Palo Alto with his family.

    Zeb provides union member services to CEMA members in Santa Clara County's:

    • Social Services Agency
    • Technology Services and Solutions Department
    • Santa Clara County Superior Court
  • Adam Cole
    Business Agent

  • Email [email protected] or call/text 408.694.8645

    Adam has ten years of experience in the Labor/Union field.  He graduated from UCSC in 2010 with a BA in history.  His focus was on Early Modern European history and the Atlantic world.  Adam worked in Alameda County for the Alameda Health System for 8 years where he was promoted several times in the Labor Relations department before ending as a Senior Labor Relations Analyst.  He has negotiation experience on both the management and union side of the table, bargaining multiple contracts as both first and second chair.  He has extensive experience in arbitration and a winning record on both the employer and employee side.

    Adam came to CEMA in 2019 looking to broaden his experience after spending the first 8 years of his career at AHS.  In his time with CEMA, Adam’s major accomplishments include bargaining CEMA’s 2020-2024 MOU alongside Zeb Feldman with a minimum raise 23% over 5 years for members; winning an arbitration with Santa Clara over CEMA’s nurses’ signing bonus, resulting in a payment over $1,000,000 for CEMA’s nurses, and a slew of successful classification studies with off contract raises between 5-20% for members.

    Adam is an avid backpacker and hiker.  In 2018 he spent 2-3 months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, completing the California portion before summer wildfires closed off the rest of the trail that year.  He would like to finish the PCT but has his eyes on the Continental Divide Trail as well.  Adam’s other hobbies include playing piano, running, diving, fishing, and gaming.  His goal for 2021 is to run a marathon.

    Originally from Kansas City, Adam grew up around California before going to school in Santa Cruz and finally settling in the East Bay.  He currently lives in Emeryville and can often be found sitting in traffic on 880 listening to a podcast.

    Adam provides union member services to CEMA members in Santa Clara County's:

    • Valley Medical Center
    • O'Connor Hospital
    • St. Louise Regional Hospital
    • Public Health Department
    • Behavioral Health Services Department
    • Custody Health Services Department
    • Emergency Medical Services Department
    • Valley Health Plan
    • Office of the County Counsel
  • Lawrence Su
    Business Agent

  • Email [email protected] or call/text 408.636.3600

    Lawrence Su is a graduate from UC Berkeley, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and completing his minor in Asian American and Diaspora Studies. Lawrence is also a proud product of the California community college system, obtaining two Associate’s degrees from De Anza College.

    Education and community service have been a focus for Lawrence, having served in multiple positions in student government and in the statewide Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). Lawrence brings his nonprofit experience from the SSCCC during his terms as Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, and Legislative Affairs Director, contributing to the growth of the SSCCC in serving the over 2 million California community college students, so that students' needs are heard and addressed at the state and local level. His County experience comes from his time as Board Aide for Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee, with his political experience and skills having been honed through multiple electoral campaigns and lobbying.

    Lawrence provides union member services to CEMA members in Santa Clara County's:

    • County Executive Office 
    • Office of the Assessor
    • Office of the District Attorney
    • Office of the Sheriff
    • Parks and Recreation Department
    • Procurement Department
    • Planning and Development
    • Probation Department
    • Department of Correction
    • Department of Child Support Services
    • Department of Tax and Collections
    • Controller-Treasurer Department
    • Office of the County Clerk-Recorder
    • Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency
    • County Roads and Airports Department
    • County 9-1-1 Communications Department
    • Alternate Defender Office
    • Public Defender Office
    • Pretrial Services Department
    • Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
    • Risk Management
    • Employee Services Agency
    • Facilities and Fleet Department
    • Registrar of Voters
    • Vector Control District
    • County Library District
  • Jonathan Brown
    Business Agent

  • Email [email protected] or call/text 408.712.2907

    Jonathan Brown is the newest member of the CEMA team. He was formerly a Management Analyst for Monterey County, where he was elected by his peers to the Management Council Executive Board and helped organize his fellow managers to unionize with CEMA. When the business agent role became available, Jonathan knew he would be proud to represent his fellow managers and was delighted when selected for the position. He's now focused on preserving and enhancing the working conditions in Monterey County by negotiating our foundational agreement and advocating for members whenever possible. 

    Jonathan provides union member services to CEMA members in:

    • Monterey County
    • Santa Cruz County