CEMA was formed in 1974 by a group of management employees who were at the time unrepresented.

As a professional management association, CEMA is an opt-in union, meaning that the payment of biweekly dues is not mandatory. As a County or Court CEMA level employee, you have the option of joining CEMA as a Dues Paying Member. Membership dues are currently $37.00 per bi-weekly pay period, and can be tax deductible depending on your family income level.

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So why should you join CEMA, and what benefit do you get by paying dues?

CEMA Members are provided representation and assistance by experienced business representatives, administrative and legal staff. CEMA represents its Members in various employment related situations such as grievance procedures, disciplinary actions against CEMA employees, and help with compaction, reallocation, and reclassification actions.

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Membership in CEMA provides many additional privileges. As a CEMA Member, you have the potential to participate in the Union process in the following ways:

  • Informational Site Meetings
  • Joint labor-management meetings with Executive Leadership
  • Participation in the various CEMA committees (Political Action, Communication, Scholarship, Liaison, Professional Development, Member Services, Technology)
  • Serving on the CEMA Executive Board
  • Perhaps most importantly, only CEMA Members have the right to both negotiate and vote on future CEMA labor contracts which will have a direct impact on their work conditions and livelihood.

CEMA members also have access to up to seven college scholarships per year.

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To achieve a larger political voice, CEMA is affiliated with the Operating Engineers Local 3 (OE-3). This means a stronger union with additional clout, and added benefits such as:

  • $2500 death benefit for members in good standing
  • Other offers for goods and services made exclusively to Union Members that wish to cultivate partnerships such as Credit Union membership

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To be able to join CEMA, you must first be employed by the County of Santa Clara or the Santa Clara Superior Court.  This excludes Extra Help and Intermittent Worker employees who are considered temporary employees. Please follow these steps to join:

  1. Download and complete our CEMA Membership Application
  2. Sign the form with a live/ wet signature
  3. Scan or take an image of the document and email it to [email protected]

If you prefer to mail the form, please send it to:

1737 N First Street, Floor 3, Suite 370
San Jose, CA 95112

After your completed form is received and processed you will notified and all your benefits of membership begin.

If you have specific questions about membership in CEMA, a list of the appropriate CEMA Liaisons is available upon request.

Congratulations on making the right choice to become a member of YOUR union.

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