Mary Beth Rogers (Member-at-Large)

Class Title: Management Analyst
Department: Social Services Agency
Executive Board Service: Since 2020
Committee Chair: Membership
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 408.501.6828

My name is Sandra Ontiveros and I am proud to serve as Monterey County Member-at-Large on CEMA’s board. 

As a 16-year County of Monterey employee, I currently serve as a Management Analyst III with the Office of the County Counsel operating as the Office Manager and supervising the Administrative Support division.  I develop and implement procedures and guidelines associated with a 21-attorney law office; manage the Civil Grand Jury Program, including training on all existing and new data systems; act as the liaison with Human Resources for the hiring and separation of employees; and assist the County Counsel on special projects.  I began my employment with the County in 2006, initially with the District Attorney’s office and then transferred to the Office of the County Counsel. Prior to working with the County, I worked for several private attorneys as an Office Manager/Legal Assistant and I have over 34 years of experience working in the legal field.   

In 2021 I joined the Monterey County Management Council to assist and serve my fellow managers as Vice President.  The Council initiated joining CEMA at the request of County Managers.  In 2022, to continue my predecessors’ initiative to become unionized, I took the role of President for the Council.  For the first time in Monterey County history our unit is represented by CEMA. Seeing our group come together to unionize was amazing.  It has been challenging and gratifying to represent my colleagues, which is why I decided to become active with CEMA and continue to better represent Monterey County managers by not only becoming the Chair to the Monterey County Advisory Committee but joining the CEMA executive board and the labor negotiations team.  CEMA represents security and well-being for employees which is why it is a pleasure to be a part of CEMA.

I look forward to building relationships and continuing to represent Monterey County managers and our community.  It is a privilege to stand with a professional organization like CEMA.