CEMA’s committees have the goal of delivering excellent service while providing opportunities for member participation and feedback. Learn more about the following CEMA committees.

Political Action Committee

CEMA Political Action Committee (PAC) prepares and executes a Political Action Plan that reflects wide member involvement in political activities to secure a generous, predictable, and improved contract and pay for CEMA members.

The PAC makes recommendations to the CEMA Executive Board regarding endorsements, political contributions, and charitable contributions. The Executive Board makes all final decisions regarding the political action efforts of CEMA based on the recommendations from the PAC.

The PAC is responsible for developing and maintaining the policies and procedures that govern the endorsement of a candidate subject to approval by the CEMA Executive Board. The PAC coordinates with other labor unions and labor councils. PAC members are encouraged and invited to represent CEMA at political and community functions and to attend lobbying sessions with elected office holders and decision makers.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee examines and recommends ways to improve communication with CEMA members. This committee provides strategic oversight of the website, general e-blast information and feedback, text alerts, social media and other communication techniques, and assists with member surveys.

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Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee will be composed of individuals from various sites to assist CEMA in communicating information to its members and to help with membership recruitment. Liaisons link the membership to the Executive Board and participate in the promotion and advocacy of CEMA-wide goals at the departmental level.

Liaison responsibilities include: communicating CEMA information with members, recruiting new members of their work area, promoting professional development activities, participating in Liaison Committee Meetings, and attending labor management meetings in their department. CEMA liaisons may act as a resource for members but do not act as a 'steward' and are not expected to file grievances or handle disciplinary issues. Such matters must be forwarded to the CEMA Business Representative for action. CEMA liaisons must agree to sign and follow the CEMA Liaison Job Description provided at the time of appointment.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible to oversee all membership recruitment efforts undertaken by CEMA. The committee shall advise and execute annual goals for membership growth; provide oversight for the membership recruitment and retainment plans that are undertaken by Liaisons, Executive Board and Business Representatives.

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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee examines and recommends ways to improve professional development tools and resources for CEMA members.

This committee provides learning opportunities through professional development events and collaborates with Learning and Development staff to identify needs, opportunities, methods of deliver for training.

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Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee will be responsible to: update the general rules and instructions for the CEMA scholarship program, with Executive Board approval; updating all standardized correspondence, including applications; announcing and inviting applications from the CEMA membership; soliciting CEMAmembers to evaluate the applications; follow a transparent evaluation and selection process; report results of the evaluation process to the executive board for approval and announce the winners to the CEMA membership; and ensure that checks are prepared and mailed.

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Retiree Committee

CEMA Members, who have been paying dues for the 6 months prior to retirement have the option to join the Retiree Chapter. All members of the retiree Chapter may participate in all committees as described in Article 8, Section 3. Committees. In addition, Retiree Chapter members may participate in political actions community/charitable events, membership drives, and organizing new units. Retiree Chapter members can represent CEMA onSBLC and SBLC affiliated organizations like CARA and Forum. Retiree Chapter Members will have access to the CEMA Website, union discounts and benefits, use of office space (as available), and time/resources of designated staff on their respective committees. Annual dues will be determined in January of each year by the Executive Board.

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